Learning from Social Media's Missteps

Learning from Social Media's Missteps

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In today's ever-changing tech world, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as the new darling, very much like social media did a decade ago. As we embrace this technological marvel, it is crucial for us to reflect on the lessons we've learned from the evolution of social media, and avoid making the same mistakes when deploying AI. This article examines the hazards posed by AI, paralleling them with problematic attributes found in social media.


is identified as the first double-edged sword, just as it was in the development of social media. While it is considered to be the obvious business model due to user demand for free services, there is a concern about prioritizing engagement over other factors. The application of AI in advertising could lead to manipulative techniques, such as embedding advertisements in AI chatbots' conversations, thus misleading and potentially damaging consumers.


which is inherently linked to advertising. To systemically target users for advertising, tech platforms collect extensive data about their behaviors, leading to unprecedented levels of spying. If adopted by AI-powered platforms, the same surveillance practices could be used to extract personal data, leading to potential manipulation.


the ability to spread content rapidly and widely. While initially viewed as a positive aspect of social media, virality has brought about problems such as the spreading of false information. The risk here is that AI might supercharge these issues, creating and spreading deceptive content more efficiently


another problematic attribute, is where companies make it difficult for users to transfer their data and switch to other platforms. This strategy might be adopted by AI companies, gradually reducing competition and innovation, while increasing potential for undesirable behaviors like excessive surveillance.


a worry that traces its roots back to social media platforms. As tech companies grow into monopolies, they become empowered to exploit users and draw back value for themselves, often with little or no regulation in place to limit their actions. The same concern applies to emerging AI companies, which have the potential to monopolize the industry, leading to perhaps worse consequences.

Despite these risks, it is stressed that unlike social media, AI is still in its infancy and we can steer its development in the right direction. Regulatory measures can mitigate these risks, ranging from restrictions on AI application in businesses, transparency rules, oversight and accountability requirements, enforcement of antitrust laws, regulations on advertising, and more. Lastly, the article advocates the development of public-option AI tools overseen by democratic systems, highlighting the need for a comprehensive societal dialogue to achieve the best outcomes with AI technologies.

In conclusion, as AI continues to evolve, we must learn from our experience with social media, and apply that knowledge to guide the development and usage of AI. This way, we not only ensure that AI's integration into our daily lives is beneficial, but also mitigate potential risks. Understanding these complexities requires a society-wide dialogue and commitment to responsible regulations and practices. It is never too early to begin addressing these challenges, and together, we can ensure a healthy and productive relationship with AI. #AI #SocialMedia #Regulation #EthicsInAI.

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